Naval Warfare
Top-Down RTS
Deidas Relic
Best narrative
Ludopolis 2018
  • The Team

    KoM Entertainment Studios is an Indie Chilean project.
    Originally founded by Kevin Pol and Cristian Almonte.

    Our current active members are:
    Kevin Pol, Programmer
    Sasayakietsu, Level Designer
    Ivania Lobos, Musician
    Andrés Suárez, Scriptwriter

    Feel free to check our projects demos and feedback your experience and suggestions, since we are a small group of independent people working for the things we love the most, any help, advice or contribution is appreciated.
    Stay tuned and join our Social Network Community for news about our advance and new projects.

  • Contact Us

    You can ask anything to kom.games@gmail.com or directly via facebook to CEO Kevin Pol